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Jeff Miller, CTO Studio on Relationships

Jeff Miller, CTO Studio on Relationships

7CTOs founder Etienne de Bruin welcomes Jeff Miller back into the 7CTOs Studio to discuss relationships in the workplace and how they, directly and indirectly, affect organizational success, morale, and innovation. Jeff explains how to work with those who are willing and those who are not willing to participate in work relationships while also discussing the skills needed to create and maintain relationships from a leadership standpoint and identifying how we can have intimate relationships in the workplace.

0:00 Introduction
2:07 Doing Curiosity vs. Being Curiosity
4:00 From a Coaching Perspective, What are the Crucial Aspects of Building Healthy Relationships?
7:20 Defining Friendship in the Workplace.
10:50 Navigating Feelings and Relationships with Colleagues and Direct Reports.
14:30 Defining the CTOs Role in Relationships and Company Culture.
16:22 How to Check-in with Yourself and Others.
18:00 How CTOs can Model Willingness in Relationships.
20:31 Perfection and How it Affects Relationships in the Technology Industry.
23:10 How do We Create Relationships Inside Efficient Work Environments?
29:00 How to Deal with Employees that Don’t Show Willingness to Participate in Relationships.
32:02 How to Foster Limitless Innovation in the Workplace.
35:51 Curiosity and Relationships.
38:33 How are You Showing Up in Relationships?
48:26 You Don’t Have the Ability to Check-in with Others if You Can’t Check-in with Yourself.
55:00 Can We Have Intimacy In Workplace Relationships?

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